Create your own Monster Dash mini-event at home! Whether you’re staying away from crowds, or just aren’t close enough to Ashland to participate in our park races, we have lots of ideas for making this Halloween and Monster Dash a special event in your home or neighborhood.

Join us in getting ready all month long with training and race day ideas on our Facebook page! You can also start preparing your costumes and videos for this year’s online contests.

When you’re ready to run, get your youngsters and adults together for a memorable day of fun! 


Mini-Monster Dash Celebration Ideas

Finish Lines –
Every race packet includes crepe paper for a DIY finish line!

  • Kids can decorate the streamer with stickers or markers.
  • Have friends hold both sides or tie between trees, and run through the ribbon for a photo-ready finish (pre-cut the streamer partway through to make it break easier).
  • Pool your streamers together and tie to one long piece to make a streamer curtain.
  • You can also cut the paper into pieces and celebrate with homemade confetti…get creative with a special finish for all your racers.

Pre-Packaged Snacks – Replenish their race energy with individually-wrapped Halloween snack packs for each family.  Include treats, toys, activities and more (or set out the Monster Dash Kid Fun Packets!).

Individual Cookie Decorating – Bake up a batch of cut-out cookies, then set up a station for each family with a muffin tin of different colored frostings, decorations, and utensils. It’s a fun and yummy way to be creative. 

Monster Photo Booth – Set up a photo booth for everyone in your celebration to show off their race-day running gear and costumes. Hang a decorated sheet, put up a chalkboard, or give each family individual props to hold (mustaches, mini pumpkins, hats and more). You can also set up a podium and snap photos of your racers showing off their medals!

Carnival Games – Space out in a back yard or pack, and set up carnival games for each individual family. Ring toss (on pumpkin stems), beanbag toss, or bowling for ghosts (set up stacks of toilet paper rolls with Sharpie-ghost faces!). Don’t forget the hand-sanitizer between games!

pumpkinsMad Science – Get creepy and creative with science kits for each family group, like slime-making or vinegar and baking soda eruptions.

Pumpkin Carving – Hold your very own jack-o-lantern contest with socially-distanced pumpkin carving areas for each family. Supply groups with their own tools and pumpkins, then line them up for voting!

Monster Ball – Turn up the music for a Halloween dance party! Set up an area for each person to show off their spookiest moves one at a time, and don’t forget to record it all and submit it to our online video contest!

Monster Crafts – Head to any of our many local craft stores for boo-tiful or creepy crafts. Get your DIY on, and stage them for a group photo!

Story-Telling – Our friends and race supporters at Treehouse Books have lots of great stories to read aloud for some after-race relaxation. Spread out blankets for each family, and set up a mini-speaker and microphone if needed!

Movie Time – Halloween is a great time to snuggle up and share one of your favorite not-too-scary movies. Here’s a great resource to find the right movie for your family. Pick something new like, The Witches, an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s classic book, or an old classic like Hocus Pocus or E.T. the Extra Terrestrial